So as you may or may not have noticed my Blog game has been extremely, pathetically, unconscionably weak as of late. It’s not necessarily because I haven’t been up on my movie game, though I will admit I’ve slacked off a bit on that as well. No, what it more to the point is I tired of writing about movies or TV shows or even music, for that matter. I grew tired of analyzing and criticizing all these various art forms for little more than my own entertainment and the entertainment of my few readers. I still love those things. I still enjoy unpacking the meaning behind them and getting the most I can out of every bit of creation. It is honestly one of my favorite things and I firmly believe it will be forever. That being said, doing the blog and feeling the need to constantly update and keep on schedule made the whole process feel like work. Work, and this is very important, for which I was not getting paid. Sure, I’d love to be an online movie critic for or cover shows like Fargo and The Americans for, but that isn’t what I was doing for this blog. All that said, I don’t believe it was a total waste of time. I was writing and there is little in the world I enjoy doing more.

That brings me to the main reason I am moving on from the movie blog. I am ending the blog because I want to write more.While this may seem antithetical, I shall explain. I loved writing about movies, but the more I did it, the more I found that the writing, sitting in front of the computer hammering out ideas as they popped into the old melon, was far more enjoyable to me than analyzing and even watching the movies. The movie gave me something to write about, but it was the writing I truly enjoyed, leaving me to wonder whether there was something more worthwhile about which I could be writing. Continue reading


Clearing Spring


Story by Sean Fennell // Art by Emily Ryan

It was a cool November morning and the wind was singing through the threadbare trees with a whistle of excitement. The Sun was just peeping up from behind the cold earth, bringing with it the taste of frigid morning air, the world doing its best to ward off the harshness of the coming winter. Billy Simpkon felt all of this and none of this as he pedaled his three-speed bike down Rosebush Lane in the little town of Pennypack.

This was Billy at his most calm, his most serene. This is why Billy Simpkin woke up at 8 every Saturday morning; to experience the rush in his bones as he made his way to his favorite place in the world, Clearing Spring State Park. Every Friday night he would set his alarm, lay out his clothes and pack a hearty lunch for the journey, making certain nothing–nothing would hinder his rollicking adventure. Billy rarely missed a detail and this particular Saturday was no different. Sunrise at 7:03 a.m. Sunset 6:37 p.m. High of 65 degrees, low of 43. Even in the panic and the fury and the rush of all that happened, he was ready, he was not going to let anything get in his way. Continue reading